About ZIFS

ZIFS is developing a robust Indigenous employment strategy that provides mentored and supported career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the cleaning industry.

Zippy Cleaning and Maintenance Services is actively expanding the participation of Indigenous Australians across the organisation through employment in all roles. To achieve our aims, Zippy has partnered with David Liddiard, a Ngarabal man from northern New South Wales and executive director of the majority Aboriginal owned and operated David Liddiard Group (DLG) of companies, to create Zippy Indigenous Facilities Services (ZIFS).

Zippy Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Since 1985, Zippy Cleaning and Maintenance Services has provided cleaning and maintenance solutions to corporate and government clients, caring for more than 1000 sites across South Australia and the Northern Territory. Some of the properties we maintain include urban commercial and retail buildings, medical facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets, aged care facilities, schools, and remote industrial facilities.

Zippy is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our packages are tailored for each client, which means we deliver the most innovative solution possible, with exceptional cleanliness and exemplary service on scheduled or urgent timeframes. Our cleaning staff are our biggest resource and asset. It’s important that we employ our team directly, and provide training, support and guidance to continually develop our team members’ skills and foster a highly professional workforce.

The policies and procedures that comprise our management system are backed by our accreditations. We are accredited to ISO9001 Quality, AS4801 Safety and ISO14001 Environmental. We are currently the only cleaning services provider in Australia with GECA 37-2008 Environmental Cleaning Services accreditation. In addition, we are the only company in South Australia and the Northern Territory to offer 100 percent chemical-free cleaning solutions through our Stabilised Aqueous Ozone cleaning system.

We seek to collaborate with suppliers that support our purpose to provide innovative and environmentally friendly products and services. The David Liddiard Group of companies is among other partners that align with our values of respect, continuous improvement, innovation, and community.

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David Liddiard and DLG companies

Over more than 30 years, David Liddiard has garnered respect for his passionate advocacy for Indigenous youth welfare and development, health, and participation. A former elite Rugby League player, David established the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy with a mission to empower young people through health, education, sport and cultural programs. In addition, David led the Dare to Lead for Business Strategy that linked chief executives and educators in practical strategies to improve educational and employment outcomes for young people.

The goal of DLG companies is for Indigenous Australians to have the same living standard as other Australians, including health, lifespan, and the capability to be part of the country’s social and economic life. For that outcome to be realised, a successful and sustainable Indigenous economy must be created with Indigenous businesses thriving in the corporate arena.

Our shared commitment to Indigenous Australians

ZIFS is committed to creating economic independence for Indigenous Australians through education and employment. Fundamental to closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage is providing Indigenous Australians with the knowledge and capabilities to source and maintain work. We seek to raise awareness and understanding about the culture of first Australians throughout our company. Further, we aim to develop strategies to ensure that employment and procurement opportunities are available to all potential applicants, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Zippy’s ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was approved by Reconciliation Australia in May 2018. The Reflect RAP is intended to develop the cultural capability of Zippy in respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The actions of the RAP are focussed on three key opportunity areas of awareness, employment and procurement. Combined, the themes create an agenda for making employment in the cleaning industry more approachable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people located in our contract regions.

Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN)

ZIFS have successfully met all requirements to be become a Certified Member of The Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN).

The Northern Territory Business Council (NTBC) is a coalition of industry and professional associations comprising of chief executives of member organisations. NTBC aims to enhance and support the individual industry associations in their advocacy with Government and society and when appropriate express a collective and measured business opinion on relevant issues.

The NTIBN was launched in 2010 and differentiated itself from other peak bodies by establishing a robust ‘Indigenous Business Certification’ process, ensuring that members needing ongoing certification continuously fulfil the Indigenous ownership requirements. It was created for the purpose of establishing, nurturing and growing an interconnected network of Indigenous owned businesses throughout the Northern Territory.

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South Australian Based and Delivered

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Our business supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product and Services initiative.