Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your commercial premises looking fresh and inviting is what we do best at ZIFS.

Our decades of experience in cleaning a variety of workplaces means we know how to service your property to ensure it is immaculate. We can attend your building on a schedule that suits you and your budget, whether on a weekly interim or daily. In consultation with you, we will tailor a high quality and cost-effective cleaning package to suit your needs and the facilities in your establishment.

Polished to Perfection

We are knowledgeable about the requirements of keeping the offices and wet areas of commercial spaces hygienically clean and orderly. You can be assured that we will do the same for your workspace. Smaller public and private sites, government buildings, and medical centres are among our specialties, as well as apartments, hotels and aged care facilities.

Attending to the finer details of your property makes a big difference to the ongoing presentation of your premises. In both open plan and enclosed office spaces, we will attend to your high traffic zones including the reception area, foyer, stairwells, lifts, escalators, and carparks. Shared areas such as the toilets and bathrooms need to be maintained in a sanitary manner for all users, and kitchens need to be sanitised and sparkling. Leave the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of floors, emptying bins, dusting furniture, and even the dishwashing to us.

We are proudly the only company in South Australia and the Northern Territory offering chemical free cleaning. Many of our clients are taking steps to mitigate their business’s environmental footprint, and we are committed to supporting them to create a cleaner and greener location for staff and visitors. Our cleaning products are accredited with the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) standard and have much less effect on the Earth than other options on the market.

There When You Need Us

Our services are available to you during the day or after business hours. If you would benefit from having our cleaners at hand throughout the day to quickly clean up spills or other hazards, we offer you the option of commercial property monitoring.

We aim to provide you with an all-inclusive commercial cleaning program that results in excellent value for your business. Talk with us about combining your commercial cleaning requirements with options from our range of specialised services. Put us in charge of tasks such as cleaning your windows and carpets, managing your waste and properly disposing of your recyclables, and supplying consumables as part of your hygiene and sanitation necessities.

In collaboration with you, we will complete an itemised list of requirements that are unique to your site. If at any time during our partnership you want to amend the specifications, you can get in touch with the Client Services Manager looking after you, who will update the documentation and advise our cleaning staff of the changes.

Quality Starts With Us

We take pride in our cleaners, right from the start of their working relationship with us. By conducting our own employment regime and providing full training, we ensure our staff are well-presented, responsible, and operate in accordance with our procedures, including site inductions and inspections.

Our team sign a Confidentiality Agreement at the start of their engagement with us to safeguard our affiliation with your business. Each staff member holds nationally required police clearances, and can obtain any particular documentation that your business determines. We use an electronic reporting system that emails reports from our cleaning inspections directly to you.

Talk with us to find out how our services can maintain your commercial property at a new standard of clean.