Hygiene & Sanitation Products

Your bathrooms are one of the most used facilities in your building. So, it is essential that hygiene and sanitation standards are upheld at all times.

By partnering with us to manage the cleanliness of your bathrooms and ensure consumables are well stocked, you will have peace of mind that your amenities are creating a great impression about your business.

Looking Good, Feeling Great

Maintaining bright and orderly bathrooms reflects the positive business culture that you have worked hard to establish, and indicates that the health, safety and comfort of your employees, tenants, and customers is important.

Rely on us to supply and manage every hygiene and sanitation service that your premises’ bathroom requires, from soap to sanitisers and so much more.

We will provide and service feminine sanitary waste disposal units that are discreet in appearance, easy to use and ensure excellent hygiene security. If your business needs to accommodate the proper disposal of nappies and incontinence pads, we will install bins that give anti-bacterial protection and lock away germs and odours.

The safe containment of medical waste such as sharps and injecting equipment is essential in public spaces. Our sharps disposal units will ensure your bathroom areas are harmless for all visitors.

Our wall-mounted automatic air fresheners are a practical and economical way to keep your bathroom spaces fresh. The addition of urinal and toilet sanitisers and toilet seat protectors offer improved reassurance and care for your staff and customers.

If your property features gravity-draining waterless urinals, we have the knowledge to properly wash and maintain the system. Regular deep cleaning of your urinals and other toilets prevents the accumulation of unpleasant smelling uric acid. Our quality concentrated disinfectant kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, guaranteeing excellent and lasting results.

Helping your staff and customers to focus on hand hygiene will keep them healthy and, in turn, the productivity of your business aloft by preventing the outbreak of illnesses and infections that abound in public bathrooms. Areas where germs commonly multiply and are easily spread include light switches, stall latches, toilet seats, flush buttons, levers on soap dispensers and paper towel holders, taps, balance rails, hand dryer buttons, door handles and push plates. We pay close attention to these touch zone hotspots of bacterial contamination in your bathroom, ensuring they are sterilised.

Sanitation You Can ‘Set and Forget’

Talk with our Clients Services Managers to have a hygiene and sanitation service tailored to match your requirements and budget. Our cleaning staff will attend your premises at the frequency that suits your business. Then, you can ‘set and forget’ the cleaning needs of your premises, leaving the busy task to us. We will ensure the services are operating smoothly and unobtrusively at all times.

As part of our hassle-free hygiene management services, we manage the restocking of your bathroom dispensers. We will service your bathrooms with the consumables that you require, including toilet paper, hand towels and tissues, hand soap and sanitiser products, and tea towels and linen. We offer paper products made from recycled materials, and soaps to suit various applications and work environments.

Talk with us today about how we can support you to keep your bathrooms clean, fresh and safe for everyone in your premises.