Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young

The community based projects are the most evident demonstration of the commitment of David Liddiard to sustainable business development initiatives. Our company has also made a commitment to at least one of these, and we see this as an opportunity to play a role in supporting Indigenous economic development as it aligns with our core business.

David Liddiard understands the issues in communities which impact on and hinder economic enterprise, and they are playing a strategic role in assisting community in over- coming issues of lack of skills and expertise by engaging the corporate sector to develop relationships with specific communities, send mentors and skill share.

Alf Capito Partner,
Ernst & Young

"I have collaborated with David Liddiard for much of the past decade and watched him build impressive networks that will help change the social fabric of Australia and establish a much brighter future for all of our children. Aboriginal elders, whole communities, schools, educators, corporations and government representatives have been connected in innovative and highly effective initiatives."

Dr Jeff McMullen AO
CEO Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth